Supporters and Friends of Pulling Together

Pulling Together began as a partnership between First Nations Communities & government agencies (Federal and Municipal) supported by Community groups and private partners.  The Pulling Together Canoe Society represents many different members from these groups and agencies.

As each journey is conceived, developed, planned and carried out a host of community groups, partners, sponsors, volunteers and agencies come together to ensure a successful events is realized. The Pulling Together Canoe Society would like to recognize those supporters, friends and partners.

Frames Film Project

Loblaws – new for 2022

Seaspan – Pulling Together Canoe Society welcomes Seaspan to the 2019 PTCJ and thank them for their contribution. Seaspan

CN Rail – 6 years of support by CN Rail has allowed the PTCS to develop long term plans and capacity as we move into our 20th year in 2020. Thanks for your generous support. CN


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