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Film is available to view “Where The Canoe Takes Us” at Vimeo

Pulling Together Canoe Society & Frames Film Project are excited to advise that a film by Kryshan Randel “Where The Canoe Takes Us: The Story of Pulling Together” is available to view on-line.


Canada’s treatment of its First Nation’s people has increasingly come under scrutiny
by the United Nations and challenged by movements such as Idle No More. Yet for the
past thirteen years, Police and Government Public Service agencies have partnered
each year with First Nations Communities with a focus on the youth. Together, they embark on eight to ten day canoe journeys through hundreds of kilometers of British Columbia’s waterways. The goal is simple: reconciliation by learning and understanding of each other’s cultures. Each journey is fraught with emotional, spiritual & physical challenges, ending in a shared story filled with song, dance and laughter

Where the Canoe Takes Us: The Story of Pulling Together spotlights the 2013 journey for which over four hundred participants faced one of their most challenging and rewarding voyages yet.  Music by Aaron Grain and A Tribe Called Red.
Pulling Together Canoe Society

For Canoe Journey & film information:  Please contact film producer Linda Blake at:    Send email to the Pulling Together Canoe Society

Copies of DVD are available through the Pulling Together Canoe Society

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