Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2017 Update *Itinerary

The Planning Committee for the Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2017 has released the itinerary for the Journey.   See below.  This year is building up to be another incredible journey with the July 14th landing at Vanier Park as part of the Vancouver City Canada 150+ celebrations -Gathering of Canoes   Click for Gathering of Canoes

As we travel along this year we will have a significant increase in followers on social media and daily updates.  For those who want to follow the Pulling Together Canoe Jurney. We have Twitter @PTcanoe.   Instagram @pullingtogether    And Facebook Group Pulling Together Canoe Society  

Again any questions please contact ptcanoesociety@gmail.com or

Contacts: Planning Committee: Jeff Wood at 604-862-0034

Pulling Together Canoe Society: Rhiannon Bennett at 778-881-1542


July 5

  • Arrival in Gibsons for set-up

July 6

  • Registrations and Skipper Check-in. 
  • Safety demo,  launch and bless canoes
  • Opening Circle

July 7

  • Canoes will travel from Sechelt to Gibsons.

July 8

  • Canoes will travel from Gibsons to Camp Potlatch
  • Ground Crew moving day to Squamish

July 9

  • Day off the water at Camp Potlatch

July 10

  • Canoes will travel from Camp Potlatch to Squamish

July 11

  • Canoes will travel from Squamish to Porteau Cove

July 12

  • Canoes will travel from Porteau Cove to Horseshoe Bay
  • Ground Crew will move to Capilano Reserve

July 13

  • Canoes will travel from Horseshoe Bay to Ambleside

July 14

  • Canoes will travel to Vanier Park and then back to Ambleside. ****Landing at Vanier Park will be approximately 1100 hours. On the day of we will update our progress via our social media feeds. 
  • Canoes will participate in Vancouver City’s Canada 150+ celebrations. Gathering of Canoes. Click here for Gathering of Canoes website

July 15

  • Canoes will travel from Ambleside to HMSC Discovery to Lumberman’s Arch and back to Ambleside
  • Canoes on trailers
  • Pulling Together Canoe Journey comes to and end and canoe families can depart for home.

Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2017 – Latest Information April 26th, 2017

Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2017 as a Signature event of the Canada 150 plus events in Vancouver

The Pulling Together Canoe Society and the Pulling Together Canoe Journey Planning Committee 2017, are pleased to announce that the Pulling Together Canoe Journey will be a signature event for the Vancouver City celebrations – featuring 3 signature events one of which is our landing in Vancouver, July 14th, 2017.

See their website for further information.



**Note this year’s logo just released – will be featured on t-shirts to be sold on the journey.

For those looking for dates of this year’s Pulling Together Canoe Journey – some FAQ below.

Dates:  July 5th – July 15th, 2017.

Location:  Start Gibsons, B.C. July 5th – ending July 15th, 2017 in Vancouver (location TBD).

Canoe Family Registrations:  Closing date in March – Canoe Families have been advised of their application status.

Individual Registrations:  TBD – For those who are part of Canoe Family that has been included in this year’s journey, your Canoe Skipper or Canoe Family Organizer will be sending out your registrations soon.

Transportation:  Canoe Families are expected to provide transportation to start point of Pulling Together Canoe Journey, some portions of the Canoe Journey – school buses will transport pullers between sites.  Canoe Families are still expected to transport equipment between Camping sites.

Equipment:  Pulling Together Canoe Society normally posts an equipment list as the Journey date gets closer.

As in previous years – we ask that you recognize that Planning Committees are unable to provide detailed itineraries as often there are permissions and agreements that need to be made prior to announcing publicly. If for your own Canoe Family planning you require specific information, please send an email to PTCanoesociety@gmail.com and a Board Member will contact you to assist.  If you require assistance in terms of transportation, training for your skipper – this year is open ocean paddling, preparing your youth, fund-raising ideas – please contact above email.

The Pulling Together Canoe Society wants to recognize the hard work that is ongoing each day to make this one of the best journeys to date.  Thank you to the Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2017 Planning Committee and the communities that are preparing for this year’s journey.

Any media inquiries – please contact PTCanoesociety@gmail.com.