Pulling Together Canoe Society Annual General Meeting (AGM),Saturday March 25th 2023

See poster below on details.

Please note that we would prefer to have everyone attend in person but understand this is not possible for all, so please use Link that is sent to you once you have RSVP’d via our email (click email below).


There will be Pulling Together Board Positions available. Please forward your interest in joining our board (via same email- with a brief paragraph on why you are interested, and a CV.

Not sure if you are Pulling Together Canoe Society member? If you participated in last years journey, as a registered participant – then you have paid your fee in that registration. If you want to join (as you did not join us in last years journey, you can request to join with $5.00 CDN at the AGM). Email us for further information.

We will also provide the latest information on a Pulling Together Canoe Journey for 2023.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

Pulling Together Canoe Society Board Members

Linda Blake



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