Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2022

The Pulling Together Canoe Society is happy to advise that the 2022 Pulling Together Planning Committee has been meeting to plan for a journey this year.

Of course the caveat is on the COVID restrictions that may impact the ability to meet, but the hope is we can have a more typical journey this year. Currently dates are being considered and once they are known they will be posted. It does appear it will be in the month of July.

Additionally the Pulling Together Canoe Society is planning to post an AGM date once we see some better news with pandemic and the current restrictions. We know that many people are impacted personally and professionally with COVID and we want to include as many Society members for upcoming elections and news about this years journey.

Take care of each other and let’s hope that this will be the year for paddles up for all canoe families.

Pulling Together Board members


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