Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2021 Virtual version

Canoe Family Registration has been emailed to all previous canoe families that have participated in previous journeys. With a application due date of July 10th 2021. A Nominal fee for Canoe Families has been requested. Any questions on participation on this years journey, please email PTcanoesociety@gmail.com.

Although this will be a different journey than normal we do hope to bring together those that can with your own canoe families in your communities and the virtually with all of Pulling Together for the opening CP and closing events being held on Zoom.

Paddles up.

January 27, 2021- Announcement by Planning Committee

Dear Canoe Families,

At the last Pulling Together Journey planning meeting, the committee discussed the fact that we may not be able to host the journey like we normally do. All of the host communities and journey partners are still operating under some form of Covid-19 restriction with no indication of when these will be lifted. There is also no indication if a vaccine will be widely distributed as there seems to be an ongoing shortage issue. However, we still believe that we should do our best to plan something for the 2021 journey. We feel it is important that we do our best to take time to get out on the water together.

At this time, we are planning to host a virtual journey July 16-19 with an agenda as follows:

• July 16 – Opening Ceremony on Zoom for host communities and canoe families can offer up songs and prayers

• July 17 – Water Ceremony where we all go to the water in our respective areas to offer up songs and prayers before going out on the water

• July 18 – Day 2 on the water

• July 19 – Closing Ceremony on Zoom for host communities and canoe families to share videos and photos from their time on the water

We understand the time, effort, and planning it takes to attend a journey. The planning committee would like to express our gratitude for your patience as we do our best to plan a journey that will keep everyone safe and healthy.

In friendship,

The Planning Committee


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