Fall 2018. Upcoming events.

As our summer comes to an end the work of Pulling Together continues.

PT mini-journey Sept 2019

This September a mini-journey was piloted, where 5 Vancouver agencies pulled together for a two day journey. From initial feedback it was a success. The PTCS will now implement a template for other canoe families to consider mini -journeys, in the spring, summer or fall outside of our annual journey. More information about how the PTCS will support other canoe family mini-journeys will be provided in coming AGM

Annual General Meeting is occurring in late October. Details to be posted in next few days.

The PTCS board also has spent time on putting the two society Canoes in storage, along with the equipment we use each year. We ask that if your canoe family has any PTCS equipment. (Paddles, PFD’s) to bring to AGM. We try to provide this equipment for those that need. But there is an expense to replace when we don’t get the equipment returned.

Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2019. The work has started. At this time, no location is confirmed but the PTCS is committed to have some type of update for November AGM. Understanding the planning for canoe families each year we are trying to make adjustments to have the journeys forecasted and information shared earlier. As we move forward to next year. Feel free to email us at PTcanoesociety@gmail.com or check our Facebook group Pulling Together – Official, for the latest information.



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