July 11th Itinerary

Pulling Together will be leaving Musqueam (weather permitting) at 0700 hours to Lumberman’s Arch for lunch 1230 hours where the public are welcomed to watch the canoes arrive.

The Pulling Together Canoe Journey will leave Lumberman’s Arch for HMCS Discovery for the end of their journey. (No public plans for this location).

Pulling Together Canoe Journey would like to thank the Planning Committee for their tireless work. The resulting journey has brought families together, brought in new canoes families and a new song “The Equality Song” gifted by Patrick Alec of the Chemainus First Nation (Penelakut Tribe) to Pulling Together as a starter of the highlights.


One thought on “July 11th Itinerary

  1. Following your path Linda Blake and Troy Derrick! You are exemplary role models for all people 😊♥️🛶🙏🏾 T H A N K Y O U! I have been away for a night and a day on Bowen Island, I will be editing the media we captured on Monday in Steveston. I will send to you before I post anything public on social media. Wishing you continued success, enthusiasm and healing in your journey.

    Erika Koenig-Workman

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