Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2014- In the News

Landing at Sidney BC and welcomed by Acting Mayor

Landing at Sidney BC and welcomed by Acting Mayor

In the News Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2014

Sidney, B.C. welcomes PT 2014


Article featuring our Planning Committee.


VPD (Vancouver Police Department) awaken their canoe to prepare for PT 2014


Another successful Canoe Journey completed and many reports indicate it was a resounding success. Thank you to the Planning Committee 2014 – Max, Jennifer, and Elizabeth and all their communities and youth for hosting, planning and welcoming all our PT Canoe Families.  Relationships were made, continued and strengthened in this year’s journey.  CN Rail brought their new Canoe which was blessed on the first day.  Many firsts this year including new Skippers, missing beloved participants (off to Tribal Journeys or the Elders Gathering) but this did allow for others to step forward and provide teaching and learning.

Special moments included a landing in the mud, special time with Elders on an extended lunch break & a closing protocol that provided special teaching and acknowledgements to several participants this year.



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