Video/Pictures taken by Film crew at PT2013 & PT2013 Photos/Video sharing

Many of you recall that this year’s journey a small, but very efficient team (Frames Film Project) of film students/instructor participated, filmed and documented this year’s journey.  The crew was invited by our PTCS board, thank you to Jolene our President for making those arrangements.  The video/pictures obtained is currently being catalogue, reviewed and considered for several future projects to tell the story in various areas for Pulling Together Canoe Journey’s and future projects. 

There will be a possibility for release of some photos/video in the future for various canoe families, but since this film was captured through a relationship with the PTCS and the film group, all releases will need to be formalized through our PTCS. 

Any release will not occur until mid September.  For any picture /video requests we ask that a representative of canoe families send an email (Subject Line) Frames Picture or Video Requests be sent to our email address for future review and later in September we can advise on your request.

Your requests will be considered, once we have the ability speak to the film group.

In the meantime, we will continue to share links and photos from various sources.  If you are an amateur/professional/ or just a shutterbug, and want to share your photos, please send the link (to your flicker/google,website, blog) via comments below or emailing and we will put your link on our website for all to share.



As more pics and videos become available, links ect will be provided. This link is a great youtube photo montage posted by Colleen Hook.

**We love Kamloops blog has some great shots from the shore.  PT 2013 brought many to watch as we traveled.


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