Day four, Pulling Together Canoe Journey

A day to explore Harwood Island the flotilla of canoes left on a perfect morning. Lunch on the west side allowed time for a circle and an explanation of the island and it’s importance to the Sliammon Nation. The afternoon was for the Pulling Together family to head to the final destination to be greeted by drumming and singing.



Day two Pulling Together Canoe Journey 2012, Talent Night -Saturday.

Video taken by President Of Pulling Together Canoe Society ( from the shore), Jolene.

Waiting on shore Click here to view.

Weather has been incredible. As in the year 2006, participants are enjoying nature including a pod of Killer Whales on day one.

As Saturday is only a day away, groups will be preparing their talents for the Talent Night.

A pullers waterfront home for the journey. One of the many reasons persons from all walks of life return year after year to Pulling Together. A time to enjoy the beauty of our world, connect with friends, make new friends and learn from the Elders and the people of Nations such as Sliammon.


Pulling Together Canoe Journey begins!

Day one
Canoe families are beginning to arrive in Powell River and Sliammon First Nation. Excitement is growing.
As aptly stated by Sunshine Coast Pulling Together Canoe Club. How many families get to have a Family Reunion every year?
Participants will register today and once we have those participating this year we will post the 2012 PT family names. Who will be from the farthest location? Who will be celebrating their 12th year of participation? Who has a new canoe?
For some families it has been a tough year fiscally. But they have made the efforts and are arriving today.
Tomorrow will be an opening circle and safety demonstation and opportunities for people to get re-acquainted and make new friends.

If you are looking for the schedule of events please check the registration information down in earlier posts for when and where Pulling Together will be this year.

10 Canoe Rules taken from Tribal Journeys for a quick refresher.
***Remember its a Canoe. Not a Boat!****

Tribal Journeys 10 Canoe rules