June update for PTCJ 2016

As our July date nears, we are hearing from the planning committee that the final details are coming together. We are acutely aware that this year’s journey is different from some of our previous years but equally interesting. One of our board members is working on a packing list for those of you about to take on the challenge of the “independent days”. We want to ensure all of you are aware of the limitations and pack according. 
Our planning committee promises a unique and overall enlightening and educational experience and the PT board is excited to see day one of PTCJ 2016. 
We have several social media sites. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and will be updating as the journey evolves. 
See you in a month!
PTCS Board. 
Need additional information. Please email, PTCanoesociety@gmail.com and we will attempt to assist.

Pulling Together Canoe Society & the 2016 Planning Committee for the 2016 Canoe Journey are pleased to provide a Newsletter & Application of Intent to attend the PT 2016 Canoe Journey.

**Note -Both these documents will be emailed in next day by PT Canoe Society (previous Canoe Family Participants)

2016 Canoe family application of intent

January Newsletter


PT 2016 Canoe Journey dates – July 2nd- 11th, 2016.
Application of Intent to attend PT 2016 Canoe Journey required to be submitted to PT 2016 Planning Committee for review and consideration to participate in this year’s complete journey. See Newsletter for explanation on changes for this year’s journey.

**Due Date for Application of Intent – February 29th, 2016.

Any inquiries on Application of Intent or Newsletter – please direct to Kerry Lumsden at – Email Kerry or PT Canoe Society at Email Canoe Society


Application for 2016 PT Canoe Journey and Newsletter from PT2016 Planning Committee

Logo Contest – New Logo for Pulling Together Canoe Society

Pulling Together Logo Contest– click to open bulletin


The Pulling Together Canoe Society is looking for a new logo!

We have recently updated our Core Values, Mission, and Vision and we are looking for a versatile logo that reflects these.

The logo must be able to be used in grey scale and colour. The logo must also be able to be used in a variety of formats including on letterhead, t-shirts, blankets, websites, and banners.


Fun, Unity, Respect, Cultural, Diversity and Empathy


Recognizing the past by Pulling Together to enhance understanding between Public Service Agencies and Aboriginal Peoples by Canoeing the traditional highway, strengthening our future relations


To lead the way in the elimination of prejudice & stereotypes


The successful artist will be awarded with new gear, 2017’s registration covered, and $500.00.
The successful submission will become legal property of the Pulling Together Canoe Society to be used in a wide range of promotional materials. (An agreement will be signed with artist prior to any use by the Pulling Together Canoe Society).
Those submissions that are not successful will be returned to the artist.

Consider some research on what makes a good logo – one link that can provide some insight – Tips on creating a good logo – click here

5pm on December 31st, 2016
Successful submission will be announced in early 2017.

Send submissions (please submit a high quality digital representation if possible- if unable to – original works will be accepted – but please recognize they will eventually be transferred into a digital medium-typical formats include -png/pdf/jpg/ or gif ) and your contact information (full name, address and email) to:


Or send your work to:  Pulling Together Canoe Society PO Box 78034 Grandview PO Vancouver BC, V5N 5W1